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How do we know we’re investing in good? Far too often, we don’t. Whether we are buying stocks, making a deposit at the bank, or saving for retirement, it’s hard to ensure that our money is matching our values. With Social Capital Fund's investment opportunities, all that changes. Check back in August 2017 for your chance to Invest in Good.

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Why Invest?

Incredible impact

While maturing, your investment enables Capital Good Fund to provide affordable loans and Financial Coaching to thousands of low-income families. For the past seven years, Capital Good Fund’s transformative loans have enabled families to cover medical expenses, move into safer apartments, cover the cost of citizenship, repair vehicles, and more.

A better economy

Poverty benefits no one, perhaps aside from the predatory financial services industry that takes advantage of the poor; the rest of us stand to benefit from an equitable economy. Providing low-income Americans the financial services they need—access to credit and sound financial advice—enables them to invest in themselves, their families, and their communities. The end result? A better economy.

Stronger families

Many low-income families are denied access to equitable financial services, and are left paying extortionary interest rates to payday lenders, rent-to-own stores, buy-here-pay-here car dealerships, and others—a $100 billion industry. Predatory lenders drain hard-earned and much-needed money from the bank accounts of the poor and vulnerable. Your investment helps Capital Good Fund, and those we serve, fight back!

The Lives We Touch

Looking to get a safer car for her and her daughter, Sherlie took out a car loan with us. “I know that [anything I do] with Capital Good Fund is going to be done with my best interest in mind and that the staff will treat me with respect,” she said. Sherlie and her daughter can now get to work, school, or anywhere life takes them! Watch Sherlie on WPRI!

Photo: Sherlie and her daughter
Sherlie Car Loan Client

Adeyinka has a gift when it comes to relating with others and their troubles. When she sought to publish her first book—an inspirational work about community and personal strength—she needed funding. We gave her a loan, and the rest is history. “It gives you a sense of belonging—to know you can go somewhere to start this thing you’ve been dreaming of and thought you’d never do.”

Adeyinka Loan Client

John is one of the many, many Americans who have gotten trapped in the payday loan debt cycle. Wanting to break free once and for all, John got a debt assistance loan from us, which allowed him to pay off his full balance while saving him hundreds. “You feel comfortable. It’s very personal and there’s a face-to-face component.”

John Loan Client

Finances have gotten Nikki into some tough spots throughout her life, including utility shutoffs and struggling to put food on the table for her children. To take charge, Nikki started our Financial Coaching program. “If my finances are messed up, I can’t take care of me—I can’t take care of my children. So I learned better—how to survive.” Watch Nikki’s Story!

Client Photo: Nikki
Nikki Coaching Client

Dorothy came to Rhode Island looking for a fresh start in life. Being far away from the grandchildren she loved, she always wanted to at least send Christmas gifts, but could never get the money together. We gave her a loan to finally make it happen. That Christmas, she sent us a holiday card and thanked us: “I can finally feel like a grandma again.”

Dorothy Loan Client

Proven results: Take a look at this amazing social impact study on our Financial + Health Coaching program. It's well worth a read; some of the outcomes are stunning!

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